Online Security Protocols

In the unfortunate event that you are subject to online stalking or harassment as a result of Hinduphobia or speaking out about Hinduphobia (or any other kind of discrimination), please make sure to tell a trusted person what you are experiencing and to document everything. If you have been doxed or feel that your privacy and safety have been compromised in any way, consider seeking counsel from an attorney who specializes in this area and/or contact your local police department. If your Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) rights have been violated, please contact your institution.


In addition to these steps, here are some suggested measures you can take. These protocols were created by a Hindu American woman who has successfully navigated multiple experiences of stalking and harassment due to her faith and her activism.)


  1. Password – Change all your passwords – emails, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Amazon, Netflix, etc. Any emails that contain your name or are linked to email accounts that contain your name, must have their passwords changed. A suggestion is to use a pattern password where you change the pattern for each account but can remember the characters.
  2. Social Media Accounts – Delete any social media accounts you don’t need – Yelp, LinkedIn, Spotify, Google+, etc. Here’s a list of social networking sites because it’s easy to forget exactly how many we’re on:
  3. Tagged Photos – Untag yourself from all pictures on social media. Ask others to untag you from any pictures you have on social media.
  4. Social Media Identity – Change your name and profile picture on your normal account on social media. Make another account with your name and picture so they go there to find you.
  5. Deactivate – You can deactivate social media accounts for a couple of weeks while the storm rages. (optional) Set up alternate accounts under another email temporarily to keep an eye on things if you want.
  6. Email – Use as a good safe email service. It’s free, double-encrypted and community-owned resource. You don’t need to link it to any other email service so it’s not compromising. Use that email account for finances, netflix, other accounts etc. Don’t use your real name for this account.
  7. Internet Scrubbing – You can pay for an internet scrubber to take you off all the people search databases. It can cost $100+ per person. This can help you protect your family. You have to give them proof of ID. We advise sending a copy of your passport, as it doesn’t contain an address.
  8. Phone safety – It might make sense for you to get a Google voice number and only give that out. Get a burner phone from Target or elsewhere (don’t give your real name or address) and use that number to get a Google voice number. Do not ever give your primary phone number to Google.
  9. Snail Mail – Your (snail) mailbox should be secure. If it’s not currently secure, please redirect it to a secure locked mailbox.